Welcome to SunLaw!

"Help Others Achieve Their Dreams And You Will Achieve Yours"                                                                                                     -Les Brown

SunLaw is a group of women in-house attorneys who are excited to accelerate their in-house legal careers. Be it a startup, a consumer company or a subsidiary of a larger company, SunLaw is here to address the unique needs of in-house counsel who often operate with small budgets, cover broad areas of law and have no fear of the unknown. The goal is to create a community where we can share practical tips, documents/forms, annual salary surveys, provide formal and informal mentorship opportunities, and ask questions (whether big or small) about the law, a particular approach to a situation and have open discussions about issues that are specific to women lawyers in a corporate environment.

We look forward to serving this group of women and creating a community that can serve as an invaluable resource and source of knowledge with respect to legal issues, career development, speaking opportunities and all of the other myriad of way in which women can help each other excel! Once our members become key legal and business leaders in their companies, we encourage them to share their path to success, mentor other members, and continue providing invaluable insights.